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Boyfriend Does Something Thoughtful To Help His Girlfriend Cope With Depression

The unnamed man posted the jar full of popsicle sticks with color-coded relaxation techniques, quotes, and reminders to help her deal with her mental illnesses.

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses.

Around 5% of the entire world suffers from some form of depression. It can be completely debilitating for some people, and even worse, many don’t understand the symptoms or why a person with depression may act the way they do. This can lead to feeling alone and marginalized, worsening the illness further.

For those who struggle with depression, there are coping mechanisms recommended by doctors and therapists that can help. When you’re in the thick of it, it can be hard to remember what they are. But one boyfriend did something so thoughtful to help his girlfriend when things get dark.

He had seen a jar online with popsicle sticks inside and tried to create something similar to help her with depression and anxiety.

Each popsicle stick is color-coded with a quote, a reminder, a relaxation technique, or a good memory. Depending on what she needs to get through that day, she can pull out a stick and read what it says.

(via BoredPanda)

This is incredibly sweet, and I’m sure it meant a lot to her that her boyfriend made an effort to understand what she’s going through. Hopefully this creative project helps her in her time of need. The good news is that this craft is totally customizable and easy to make, so think about gifting this to someone in your life who would appreciate it.