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25 Stupid Things Couples Argue About That Are Totally Relatable

The stories were shared on Twitter under #StupidThingsCouplesFightAbout, and are totally relatable to anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship.

When you’re in a long-term relationship, there are bound to be arguments sometimes.

There are the big ones, like about family, kids, or money, but there are also bound to be some fights about the little things, too. Our little disagreements can seem so trivial and ridiculous from the outside, and they usually are! But that’s part of what makes us unique. Here are 25 of the most hilarious petty disagreements under #StupidThingsCouplesFightAbout.

(via BoredPanda)

I can relate to so many of these, especially choosing restaurants and what to watch on TV. Which one most resembles your relationship? Let us know in the comments!