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Woman Uses Social Security Check To Do Something Incredible For The Homeless

When this woman fell on tough times, she made a promise to pay it forward when she could. That time came when she started using her money to feed the hungry.

Arnetta Griffin knows exactly how it feels to not have a place to call home.

Over 10 years ago, the Kenosha, Wisconsin resident and her young children were evicted after she lost her job. Not being able to afford rent, Griffin and her kids found themselves on the streets, bouncing between homeless shelters. But through it all, Griffin was determined to get back on her feet, even making a promise to God that she’d pay it forward when she was able — and that opportunity came years later in 2017.

When Griffin learned of a local homeless shelter closing that spring, she knew it was her chance to help those less fortunate.

That’s when she started using her social security checks to buy and serve food to the hungry from what she calls “God’s Kitchen of Kenosha.”

Griffin even goes out of her way to bring food to regulars who don’t always show up.

Learn more about how Griffin is paying it forward below.


What an incredibly kind woman to use her own money to feed people. If her story doesn’t inspire others to pay it forward, I don’t know what will!