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Third Grader Battling Cancer Gets A Hero’s Welcome When She Comes Back To School

Bridget Kelley has been battling leukemia and came back to Merrymount Elementary School to signs in her honor and a line of people waiting to shake her hand.

If you know someone who’s had cancer, you know how hard it is to fight.

Most of us have experienced a loved one battling cancer, and any given day can be full of pain or hope.

It’s especially difficult to think about children who have to deal with this disease, but communities can really rally behind them to show support. When you’re young, you may not fully grasp what’s happening to you or your body, but as Bridget Kelley learned, you can definitely feel the love.

Bridget Kelley has been out of school for the past 15 months while she battled leukemia. When she went back this past week, she arrived to an amazing scene.

Adults and children alike showed up in temperatures that were well below freezing, holding up signs and cheering for her as she entered Merrymount Elementary School in Massachusetts.

They lined up to shake her hand, and she grinned from ear to ear at the heartwarming sight.

Kelley’s family is optimistic about her recovery, and the little girl is currently raising money to benefit cancer charities. Learn more in the video below.


Youtube / CBS Boston

This is what can happen when a community rallies around one of their own. How can you help your community today? Leave some ideas in the comments!