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This Is NOT Where You Want Your Plane To Go After A Rough Landing

In the process of landing at a Turkish airport, this plane skidded off the runway and nearly fell into the Black Sea.

On January 13, passengers on a Pegasus Airlines flight became terrified for their lives when their plane skidded off a runway at the Trabzon Airport in Turkey.

“We swerved all of the sudden,” said Fatma Gordu, one of the passengers. “The front of the plane crashed and the back was in the air. Everyone panicked.” The Boeing 737-800 aircraft had been in the process of landing on the runway, which had been slick with rain, when it reportedly had difficulty slowing down.

That’s when the plane left the runway, falling down a steep slope and stopping with its nose mere feet away from the Black Sea.

Incredibly, none of the 162 passengers, four cabin crew members, and two pilots were injured in the ordeal. “It’s a miracle we escaped,” said Yuskel Gordu, another passenger. “We could have burned, exploded, flown into the sea.”

One of the engines, however, did end up in the sea.

The Trabzon Airport had to be closed overnight, with flights resuming the next day. Check out footage of the incident below.


(via The New York Times)

What a relief that everyone made it out safely! According to Governor Yucel Yavuz of Trabzon, the prosecutor’s office has begun an investigation into the matter.