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Precious Footage Shows A Beluga Whale Having Fun With An Unsuspecting Toddler

The child is clearly confused and amazed by the whale creating a sprinkler around him on his visit to the Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park in China.

Beluga whales have always been some of my favorite ocean creatures.

They’re totally friendly and look happy all of the time. Living in arctic regions, you probably wouldn’t expect them to be so peppy, but they love to play and splash around. Aquariums love them because they put on a great show when they’re properly cared for and given enough room to swim around.

It’s no surprise, then, that a beluga whale at an ocean park in China took a liking to a little boy and decided to make friends fast.

The kiddo is totally fascinated by the whale, who is right at his eye level.

That’s when the beluga gets ready to have some fun, sucking water into its mouth.

Suddenly, it’s a total shower for the toddler!

Watch their entire delightful exchange in the video below.


Youtube / Storyful

I just want to hug both of them so tight. Great job, beluga! Here, look at it one more time.