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Plenty Of Dads Can Change Diapers…But This Guy? He’s Not One Of Them

This little girl might not be daddy’s little girl anymore after her stinky diaper caused dad to lose his lunch all over the kitchen floor.

I’m willing to bet that if you asked the men in your life to change a tire, they wouldn’t think twice, but asking them to change a soiled diaper, and you’d think you asked them to clean up a murder scene.

There’s just something about men and changing dirty diapers that don’t mix well together. One of my favorite stories my mom would tell over and over again growing up was about how my dad probably only changed a single diaper in my infancy because every time he would try, he’d start gagging and dry-heaving like he had the flu. I imagine the entire ordeal played out a little something like this video captured by one unsympathetic momma who caught her man failing miserably when diaper-changing time rolled around.

At first, Dad seems to be doing relatively okay as he kisses his daughter’s feet while she giggles in delight.

But when the diaper-changing process begins, he can’t hold back. He starts heaving all over the place.

And despite successfully removing the dirty diaper, the smell got to dear ol’ dad and he lost his cookies all over the tiled floor.

(via Daily Mail)

I think Mom is the real MVP in all of this. Not only was she able to somewhat contain her laughter, but she also caught the entire ordeal on camera for all of us to enjoy.