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When This Cat Wants To Get Around, He Hitches A Ride On His (Huge) BFF

Louis the cat loves taking a nice stroll through the countryside on the back of his BFF Comet the horse.

While their human counterparts have numerous modes of transportation they can use to go about their day, if a cat or other small animal tried to hop on the bus, it’s safe to say that they might catch some pretty strange looks.

When it comes to Louis the cat, however, he relies on his much larger friend, Comet the horse, to get around. This unlikely duo might seem like something straight from a children’s book, but these two are real-life buddies. Louis and Comet can often be found nuzzling up on one another on cold days when they’re not out riding, and it’s honestly the cutest thing ever.

Comet’s trainer, Emma Massingale, caught footage of Louis and Comet preparing for a day riding through the countryside. Their journey begins in the stables, as Louis walks along a stone partition to jump onto Comet’s back.

From there, they start walking on this scenic path.

Along the way, these BFFs can be seen crossing a bridge, walking through a stream of water, and just enjoying each other’s company.

But after a long day of riding, the two head back to the stables for a good snuggle. Check out the video below to see them in action!


(via Inside Edition)

Who needs Uber when you can call up your horse friend for a quick ride? Friends come in all shapes and sizes, folks.