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She Thought She Was Playing A Card Game. Then She Broke Down When She Read Hers.

This woman was enjoying a family game night with her boyfriend when she read her card and started crying.

Family game nights are for letting off stream, having fun with your loved ones and, in this woman’s case, answering a life-changing question.

Surrounded by her relatives earlier this month in Illinois, she was having a blast playing a card game with her boyfriend by her side. It was a normal night like any other, really — that is, until she learned what her boyfriend had planned for her.

The particular game they were playing involves holding up a card on your forehead. Little did this lady know that her boyfriend had picked out a special one just for her.

When it was her turn to take her card down and read it, she stopped mid-sentence, mouth agape.

It didn’t take her long to start crying as her boyfriend knelt down on the floor.

That’s because the card read, “will you marry me?” Watch the sweet scene unfold below.


What a cute and creative way to propose! Regardless of the score, this woman definitely won the game. Congrats to the happy couple!