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He Melted A Pan Full Of Crayons In The Oven And Made Something So Adorable With Them

This guy took a bunch of crayons, melted them down and crafted a seriously adorable rainbow vase.

Though their main purpose is obviously for drawing and coloring, there are a lot of different and creative ways to use crayons.

You can melt them down to make candles, use old scraps to make homemade playdough and, as this man demonstrates, even craft your own unique vase out of the wax! With 256 Crayola crayons, an oven, and some other tools, DIY YouTuber Peter Brown made a rainbow bud vase that turned out to be absolutely adorable.

After removing the wrappers on each crayon and arranging them by color in a bread pan, Brown left them in the oven for three hours.

When the wax had been completely liquified, he left it alone for a few days to harden.

Next up was cutting off each end of the solid block.

Then, using his drill press, Brown bore out the vase’s opening.

Turning the block on a wood lathe, the crafter finally began shaping it into a vase.

The results are so cute! Didn’t it turn out great?

Check out all the steps for this project below.


This is such a fun idea and it also makes a great gift for kids and adults alike! If I had a bunch of crayons and all the necessary tools, I’d definitely give this a try.