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If All Flight Delays Went Like This, They Wouldn’t Be So Bad After All

During an unusually long flight delay, these would-be passengers decided to pass the time with song and dance.

There’s no need to mince words. Flight delays are the worst.

Airports will delay flights for just about everything, from inclement weather to lack of staff. But while delays usually leave you stranded in a waiting area with a bunch of equally frustrated people, this group of passengers didn’t throw themselves a pity party. But party they did.

After learning their flight had been delayed, this group of passengers began a musical celebration. Taking guitars and accordions from their carry-ons, some passengers began a group sing-along to pass the time.

One highlight of the airport music fest was a young boy belting out his favorite songs.

If only more flight delays were like this, the wait would totally be worth it.

(via Love What Matters)

What makes this video so great, for me at least, is the idea that all of these people showed up to the airport with their destination and vacation plans on their mind, but were able to come together and turn an unfortunate situation into something to celebrate.