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She Wanted To Adopt Her Neighbors’ Cat. When They Moved, Her Wish Came True!

This little girl wished on a dandelion that she could adopt her neighbor’s cat, and on her birthday, that wish came true!

Little Elora from Towanda, Pennsylvania, has always adored her neighbors’ cat, Hercules.

She loves the black and white kitty so much, in fact, that she adorably wished on a dandelion that he would come to live with her family and their other pets. You can imagine her surprise and absolute delight when on her birthday, that wish came true.

On Elora’s big day, her dad called her over to a cat carrier on the ground. She was a little confused when she looked inside and saw her favorite cat, Hercules.

That’s when Dad told her Hercules would be staying for good. Just look at that face!

His owners were moving and he needed a new home, so Elora’s parents took it as sign that he belonged with them.