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You Can Make This Beagle Play Tug-Of-War, But You Definitely Can’t Make It Have Fun

Monty the beagle was not about that playtime life during a recent game of tug-of-war.

While most pets can’t wait to get outside and play, this unenthused pup couldn’t care less.

It was set to be the battle of the century as doggie rivals Otis and Monty faced off to declare once and for all who was the best and strongest. However, when the time came for the showdown to begin, our beagle friend couldn’t help but take his eventual defeat lying down. Exerting as little energy as possible, Monty showed off a different kind of strength.

I’ve honestly never related to a dog this much in my life.

(via Daily Mail)

Monty is all of us trying to find the energy to make it through the work week. Keep your heads up and fake it ’til you make it!