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This Handicapped Cat Might Actually Be The Cutest Animal On The Planet

This kitty’s backbone may be broken, but he’s one of the happiest (and derpiest) cats around!

For people who don’t know Rexie the cat, it might be easy to feel sorry for the disabled kitty.

After all, the three-year-old does have a broken backbone, meaning his two back legs are paralyzed and that he can’t get around without his custom-made wheelchair. But as far as his mom Dasha’s concerned, this kitty is one of the happiest around and is definitely living the good life. He’s even a celebrity on Instagram!

Meet Rexie. Though he’s disabled, he never lets it get in his way. And just look at his cute gear!

His mom loves taking and sharing photos of him, but something peculiar always seems to happen…

The little guy just can’t stop sticking his adorable tongue out!

Every. Damn. Time.

When it comes to cats, he just might be the derpiest of them all.

See what I mean?

Seriously, the derp (and blep) is strong in this one.

It’s really no wonder why people love this handsome fellow so much.

Also, his best friend is a ferret. So there’s that.

Livin’ the good life, indeed.

(via BoredPanda)

Need more adorable photos to satisfy your Rexie fix? You’ll find all the wonderful derpiness your heart desires on Instagram and Facebook.