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He Drove Through What Looked Like Hell And Made A Gut-Wrenching Discovery

Larry Broderick drove through his neighborhood as it was up in flames to show the devastation and destruction these families are facing.

With so much devastation going on around us thanks to major hurricanes, you may not have heard much about the wildfires currently devastating California.

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and people have died in the flames. As Larry Broderick learned when he recently drove through his neighborhood, it looks literally like driving through hell. He points out his neighbors’ homes before realizing that his home in Santa Rosa has also been destroyed.

Learn more about the California wildfires and what Broderick and others are going through in this video.


Youtube / Inside Edition

With so much devastation around us, it can be hard to focus our attention. These people will need help, however, long after the fire is put out.