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Need Some Comic Relief? Here’s A Dog Literally Just Balancing Stuff On Its Head

The pup patiently balances food of all kinds, from cans to pumpkins to a bowl of cereal, and it’s unexpectedly delightful.

Sometimes in life you just need a break from thinking about much of anything.

Thanks to the internet, we’re connected to billions of ways to distract ourselves, either momentarily or for hours. My latest obsession? A dog called The Notorious P.I.G. on Instagram who balances food on its head. That’s it, just pictures of a dog balancing food. I know might seem simple and uninteresting, but you would be totally one hundred percent wrong.

Don’t believe me? Check out what this incredibly delightful pup can do.

My dog would never be able to pull this off! That’s amazing. Can’t get enough? Go follow this pup’s antics on Instagram!