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When Mom Tried To Scare Her Badass Little Girl, She Proved She Was Not Having IT

When this mom wore a scary mask to frighten her daughter, this little girl had other plans.

In this day and age, clowns are nothing to joke about.

With clowns running rampant on both the big screens and our TVs, haven’t we endured enough already? And with Halloween just a few short weeks away, you can bet that the clown hype isn’t going to die down anytime soon. Thankfully there are badass little kids like this one out there who are willing to stop clowns at any cost.

In an attempt to scare her little girl, this mom dressed in all black and put on a Pennywise-esque mask. Then she crawled out of the closet slowly.

Much to Pennywise’s dismay, however, this sassy queen was not having it.

With just a lollipop in her hand, our pint-sized femme fatale attacks the clown as she punches her way to safety.

I bet the Losers’ Club would love to have this superstar on their side!

(via Daily Mail)

When it comes to fighting off bad guys, she ain’t clowning around.