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It’s A Role No One Expected Her To Play, But Now This Dog’s A Mom To Eight Baby Pigs

The dog even started producing milk after the baby pigs began suckling, and she’s taken them in as if they were her own puppies.

Once a mom, always a mom.

Mothers have the truly amazing ability to step in and nurture, even when it’s a totally different species. When Treasure the boxer was introduced to eight orphaned piglets, she stepped up to the plate as their surrogate mom.

Since Treasure was a stray, no one knows her background or if she previously had puppies. It seems like that might be the case, though, because once the pigs started suckling, Treasure produced milk.

She even appeared with her “puppies” on Australia’s Today Show, though they were getting a little on her nerves. We feel you, Mama.

That’s Mom life for you! I love these kind of stories. What’s your favorite inter-species friendship?