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‘You’d Better Hurry!’ Mom Goes Into Labor While Reuniting With Her Military Husband

They joked about delivering their baby on the same day as this dad’s military homecoming, but the joke was on them when it became a reality.

They say timing is everything, and there wasn’t a moment to spare as a very pregnant woman started having contractions on the day of her military husband’s return.

Katrina Wythes was just three months pregnant when her husband, Marc, and his military unit were deployed. Over the next six months, the couple joked that their second child would be welcomed into the world at the same time as his homecoming. They never thought their jokes would become reality, but as Marc boarded his plane to arrive home to his wife and eldest daughter, he got an urgent text that Katrina had begun having contractions.

Holding a sign declaring, “Not a drill. Baby’s coming,” Katrina embraced her husband before preparing to head to the hospital.

After saying goodbye to family and friends, the race was on.

Before baby arrived, they of course had to take a selfie.

And before they knew it, the moment had finally arrived!

Learn more about their precious story in the video below!


What a day! Best wishes to this adorable growing family.