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If Your Dog Sleeps In Bed With You, You Might Want To See What They Just Found

Lots of people let their dogs sleep on their beds with them, but doing so could bring along some seriously nasty types of bacteria and fungi.

For many dog lovers, it’s immensely comforting to share a bed with their beloved pups at night.

I do the same with my own two dogs and wouldn’t have it any other way, but, of course, not every pet parent feels the same. Some prefer that their furry buddies stay on the ground to prevent fur and any dirt they carry in from marring their furniture.

But as Inside Edition recently found, those are the least of our worries when it comes to what our pups bring into our beds.

After swabbing the paws of five different dogs, the results included multiple types of bacteria and fungi…

…including E. coli. Check out all of what they found on the pups’ paws below.


If you have dogs and allow them to sleep in your bed, would you still let them now? To be honest, I’m not keeping my dogs off my bed anytime soon — but I will definitely work to keep their paws cleaner.