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17 Funny And Beautiful Cat Markings That Prove They’ll Always Be Prettier Than Us

A cat’s fur is unique in so many ways, but these fur markings are unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

There’s no denying that cats are pretty gorgeous critters.

They just look so serious and fierce! Although cats without markings are stunning, there’s something so cute and unique about kitties rocking unusual patterns. To celebrate that uniqueness, here are 17 crazy-coated felines in all their fashionable glory.

1. Cat or panda? You decide.

2. We already know who’s number one in this house.

3. We mustache you who’s the cutest kitty of them all?

4. Sometimes its okay to be a bit two-faced.

5. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. This cat wears hers on her nose.

6. Na na na na na na na na…CATMAN!

7. “Cat on the Back,” the latest novel by Dr. Seuss, is coming soon to a bookstore near you!

8. In school, this kitty was teased for having “Fur” eyes!

9. I can’t be the only one that sees a squirrel on this cat’s back, right?

10. The marbling on this kitty is next-level beautiful.

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