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Your Dog Probably Can’t Catch Treats From Two Feet. She Can Do It Two Stories Down.

Labrador dogs are known for being obsessed with food. This particular one loves it so much that she can catch a carrot from an impressive distance!

People who share their homes with Labradors will tell you that these dogs are absolutely obsessed with food, and they’re right.

If anyone is snacking on something in my house, chances are that my Labrador mix is begging with sad eyes and/or drooling directly in front of them. There’s just something about the breed that makes them hard-wired to want to eat everything, even if it means going to great lengths (or heights) to obtain a delicious morsel — as this pup recently demonstrated.

Olive the yellow Labrador is pretty talented when it comes to catching carrots in her mouth, even when they’re being thrown from two stories up.

In fact, she caught one easily on the first throw!

She didn’t do so well on the subsequent throws, but that could be because she just needed a tastier motivator.

Check out this pup’s awesome first catch below.

(via Daily Mail)

Now I have to wonder if my own Labrador could pull this off if I threw a tasty enough treat. My guess? Probably yes.