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This Adorable Panda Trying To Walk A Tightrope Is All Of Us Stumbling Through Life

Pan Yue the panda wobbles back and forth on the ropes before heading to the safety of the metal bars nearby.

Sometimes you get an idea in your head that’s just hard to shake.

Conquering something that scares you can feel really empowering. As someone who’s totally afraid of heights and being off balance, I’m a little bit ashamed to say that a baby panda has outdone me with her sheer determination.

This is Pan Yue, and she decided she really needed to perform a tightrope walk in her cage at a breeding center in China.

First she steadies herself, ready for liftoff.

She makes it onto the rope and, well, the results are a little wobbly.

Check out the video of her tightrope adventure below. It’s pretty relatable (and adorable).

Trying new things is always difficult at first, but practice makes perfect! What a brave and adorable panda.