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We Have A Sneaking Suspicion That This Dog Loves His Mom Most. You’ll See Why.

Oshie loves his pet mom and even helps her carry her purse into the house despite not caring that much when dad arrives.

Sometimes animals have favorite humans.

We like to think they love us all unconditionally, but just like humans, they sometimes gravitate toward certain people. This can even happen when our pups have two loving pet parents!

Of course, some cases are more extreme than others. If you want to see just how crazy things can get, check out Oshie the Golden Retriever.

When Dad gets home, Oshie pops his head out from his sleeping spot by the couch.

He’s mildly excited and super happy to get a good scratch. Overall, though, he’s pretty calm.

When Mom gets home, it’s a totally different story. Oshie offers to carry her purse, but that’s not all!

Watch the entire Dad vs. Mom video below. At least Oshie’s honest!


Youtube / Oshies World

Awwww. Poor Dad. Who’s the favorite pet parent in your house? Let us know your experiences with pet favoritism in the comments below!