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These Kids Were Having An Adorable Encounter With A Bear…Until They Weren’t

While taking in the bear exhibit at a Grand Rapids zoo, this bear decided to leave these children a parting present.

One of the greatest joys a child can experience with their parents is a day at the zoo.

It’s not often that children have the ability to get up-close and personal with some of their favorite animals. And as a parent, seeing the smile that the zoo brings to their kids’ faces is unforgettable. But one family got a little more than they bargained for while visiting the bear exhibit at a zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This youngsters were overly fascinated by the grizzly bear exhibit at the John Ball Zoo.

These bright-eyed tykes spent over 10 minutes taking in the sight of two bears just lounging on the rocks.

But when one bear made eye contact with the kids and made its way over to their side of the exhibit, everyone was in awe.

But instead of a cute encounter, they got something a little crappier.


The laughter of the kids and parents alike truly make this video. We’ve all gotta go, man.