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She Gave Birth In Her Car At Just 29 Weeks And Witnessed Something Amazing

This woman was terrified when she started going into labor at 29 weeks pregnant, but she was amazed when she saw she’d given birth to an en caul baby.

When Raelin Scurry started feeling signs of labor at 29 weeks pregnant, she assumed she was just having Braxton Hicks contractions.

But 45 minutes later, they were only getting more and more intense. That’s when the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, resident and her fiancé, Ean, decided it was time to drive to a hospital — but they quickly realized that the baby was coming too fast.

As Raelin’s contractions got closer together, she knew she had to start pushing. “I called 911 because I was so scared,” she wrote. “They couldn’t understand me between the screams with contractions.”

She handed the phone over to Ean, pulled her pants off, and reached down, at which point she felt her son’s head. After one push, the infant was born.

Incredibly enough, he was still inside the entire amniotic sac in an en caul birth. “At first the baby was still and all I could do was pray he would be okay,” Scurry said. “And then I rubbed his face with my thumb and he pulled his little hands and feet up to his face as if he understood my prayers and wanted to reassure us he was okay. “