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What Was Captured On This Cop’s Dash Cam Is Almost Too Cute For Words

This police sergeant was on patrol when she saw an elderly woman dancing and having a blast, so she decided to turn up her stereo and join in.

Police dash cams were made to capture any possible evidence during traffic stops and car chases, but this cop’s camera recorded something much sweeter.

Sergeant Kim Lenz of the Austin Police Department in Minnesota was on patrol last week when she noticed an elderly woman dancing in the parking lot outside of her apartment building. That’s when she decided to stop her car and join in.

According to her granddaughter, 92-year-old Millie Seiver absolutely loves dancing and takes the opportunity to do so whenever she can.

But it became into a very special moment for her when Lenz turned up the stereo in her patrol car, walked over to Seiver…

…and made her day by dancing with her!

Watch the cute moment Lenz’ dash cam captured of the two getting their groove on together. You go, girls!

(via Daily Mail)

This is so sweet. The world really needs more dash cam footage like this.