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This Sliding-Door Bookshelf Is What Nerd Dreams Are Made Of. Here’s How To Make One!

The DIY project uses reclaimed wood and fixtures and makes the perfect classic addition to any home full of books.

I’m an enormous nerd, and I have more books in my house than shelves, so I’m always looking for a solution.

I’ve always dreamed of having a fancy bookshelf that was the center of attention in any room. If you’re like me, though, you know that good solid bookshelves are expensive. Like, really expensive.

That means I’ve got to stick to my IKEA shelves for now, but if you’re way more handy than I am, builder John Malecki has the perfect DIY project. Building your own sliding door bookshelf couldn’t be easier with these instructions.

Since he’s using reclaimed wood, the first step is to remove the nails and cut it to size.

Then, he glues pieces together that will form the top, bottom, and back, and sets them using a vice.

Once the pieces are secure, it’s time to begin fitting them together.

A nail gun is needed to attach the heavy wood back to the shelf.

Finally, he measures and begins attaching the barn door hardware.

Want to see the amazing final product or find out how to make this beauty yourself? Check out the video below.


Youtube / John Malecki

I’m gonna need about ten of these, if that’s okay. What do you think of this DIY bookshelf? Let us know in the comments.