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This Lizard Man News Story Is Probably The Least Insane Thing You’ve Seen All Week

The SCEMD was drawing upon a local legend of sightings concerning a large, scaled humanoid figure and paranormal activity during an eclipse

Having an opportunity to see an eclipse is really exciting, and there’s lots of lore around these cosmic events.

From astronomers to astrologers, people have all kinds of thoughts about what an eclipse means and what might happen during it. There’s one legend, however, that’s reminding people just how insane these theories can get.

The Lizard Man is essentially South Carolina’s version of Bigfoot. Instead of a hairy beast, it’s a huge lizard.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division tweeted this tongue-in-cheek photo of Lizard Man sightings near the path of the eclipse, noting “possible” paranormal activity.

Twitter / @SCEMD

Lizard Man is nothing new to South Carolinians, who have been reporting sightings of the cryptozoological figure for decades.

While it’s unlikely that any actual Lizard Man exists, sightings do pop up every few years, making it a perfect legendary figure for the Emergency Management Division to draw upon.

(via WLTX)

In reality, the SCEMD just expects a lot of traffic and a great view of the rare event. What a fun way to interact with the people they serve! If you want to know more about Lizard Man, check out his Wikipedia page here.