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You’ve Seen People’s Pets Play Together Before, But Nothing Quite Like This

The video, shot in Texas, shows just how fast emus are even at a young age. The inter-species interaction is warming hearts everywhere.

I am all about watching baby animals frolic and have a good time.

Lots of what we see online is puppies and kittens going at it with all of their adorableness. That’s awesome, and I’ll never turn down a good baby animal video, but there are so many other little cuties out there just waiting for their chance to shine.

For instance, emus. When they’re fully grown, they’re the giant birds of our nightmares, but when they’re tiny, they’re just like any other chick. Though, as one little piglet recently found out, they’re pretty rambunctious, too.

These fast friends are zooming around the house like there’s no tomorrow. Awww!

I’ll take five of each! I love watching these babies run around together. What are your favorite baby animals? Let us know in the comments.