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The Wound This Dog Had When Rescuers Found Him Will Make You Absolutely Sick

It’s incredible that this dog is still alive after being found with a gaping neck wound, but he’s as happy as could be now with his new family!

Last October, RSPCA Inspector Joe White was called to a street in Essex, England. When he arrived, he was shocked and heartbroken by what he saw.

A sweet dog, who was later named Guinness by his rescuers, had been abandoned, but that definitely wasn’t the worst part about what happened to him. He’d been left wearing a collar that was much too small. It had been so tight around his neck that it eventually cut into it and sliced it open.

“I could not believe it,” said White of the poor dog’s gaping and infected neck wound.

“It was one of the worst wounds I have seen in my whole time as an RSPCA inspector. It was so deep and looked extremely painful,” he added. “I have seen some awful things but this one really hit me.”

Luckily for Guinness, emergency treatment came just in time. To learn more about his story, check out the video below. And don’t worry, because this one has a good ending!


(via Express)

It’s amazing that Guinness was able to recover, but what’s even better is that he found a family who loves and absolutely adores him, as they should! We wish them the best in their new life together!