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They Were Paddleboarding When They Saw Something Scary Lurking Underwater

When two women agreed to be part of a documentary about sharks and humans, they probably weren’t expecting to get this close to great white sharks.

A relaxing day of paddleboarding on the ocean sounds amazing, right? That is, until you notice a deadly sea creature swimming nearby.

When Kelly Dean and her friend agreed to be part of a documentary exploring the relationship between sharks and humans, it’s safe to say they were expecting to encounter a few when videographer Mark Romanov recorded them paddleboarding with his drone — but they got much more than they bargained for.

The day started out pretty fun and carefree for the women.

But things got scary when they noticed what was lurking night next to them.

However, when they saw five great white sharks swimming around, they handled it like absolute champs! Watch the incredible footage below.


(via Inside Edition)

Yikes! Great white sharks are beautiful creatures, but there’s no way I would’ve been even half as calm in these brave ladies’ shoes.