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What This Guy Can Do Is Cool But What’s Happening In The Background Is The Best Part

While this gym rat was perfecting the art of showing off, an elderly man one upped him without even really trying.

For most of us, finding the courage to make the journey to the gym is tiring enough without adding anything fancy to the mix.

But when it comes to getting pumped to go to the gym, this guy sure takes the cake. Talk about making the rest of us look bad! This athletic gentleman grabbed 18 dumbbells from the weight rack and stacked them on end. Then he climbed up to do something totally mind blowing.

Having made his way to the top, the man prepares to hang freely from the towering weights.

That’s when things get really crazy. What he can do is actually nuts.

But wait a second. What’s happening in the background? As Twitter user Sam Yeezy pointed out, there’s an old man behind him sinking shots! That’s clearly the best part of what’s happening here, so check it out.

Well, muscle man. I’m sure you’ll have your 15 minutes of fame soon. For now, learn from your elders.