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15 Crazy Cats Who Hit The Catnip A Little (Okay, Way) Too Hard

Cats love catnip, which is notorious for making cats excited and "stoned," much to the delight of Redditors who posted hilarious pictures.

I’ve always been a cat person, and I love my two kitties more than anything in the world.

They treat me like I’m the queen of their world, so why wouldn’t I do everything humanly possible to make them happy? That includes, on occasion, giving them catnip. If you don’t know about catnip, it’s basically a (totally safe and vet-approved) substance for cats that makes them act kind of crazy. For some cats, that means laying around “stoned,” and for others that means running around like a maniac. Regardless of which kind your cat is, the pictures of kitties getting into their catnip stashes are totally hilarious. Here are 15 of them that will make you laugh out loud.

1. This cat was caught red-handed, but she’s never gonna stop hitting the catnip.

2. “Who are you? Where am I? What the catnip is going on here?”

3. I can’t get over his face.

4. This kitty thinks that if she doesn’t move no one will know she’s been sniffing the stuff.

5. “No! I will not give up my catnip. Never, ever.”

6. This cat is named DJ Strawberry, and he thinks the turntables are on the walls now.

7. He did get it everywhere, but you can’t deny that he’s having an amazing time.

8. Who knew that cats could be so possessive of their tupperware?

9. Um, that’s not what sleeping is supposed to look like.

10. This cat is very alert and waiting for orders on how to proceed.

11. “This is what happens when you grow catnip in your back yard.”

12. “A cat has been the mayor of a town in Alaska for over 15 years. His name is Mr. Stubbs and every afternoon, he goes to a nearby restaurant and drinks water out of a wineglass laden with catnip.”

13. This guy can’t handle the excitement of this moment.

14. The catnip lets her see all the invisible monsters closing in around her.

15. “I gave my cat Hobbes some catnip, called his name to take a picture, and THIS was the face he made.”

These are hysterical. If you can’t get enough of pictures like these, be sure to check out the Faces of Catnip subreddit for more crazy cat goodness.