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When You See What A Bear Did To This Man, You Won’t Believe He Survived

This temple allows members of the public to feed its captive bear, but one horrific incident showed how terrible of an idea it really is.

Treating animals badly and neglecting them, especially those in captivity, can sometimes come back to bite you in horrific ways.

This was an unfortunate lesson a man recently learned while visiting the Wat Luang Phor Lamai Temple in Phetchabun Province, Thailand. At the temple, monks cruelly keep a bear in a small enclosure, which they let members of the public feed. A 36-year-old tourist named Naiphum Promratee had reportedly been trying to give the bear bowls of rice attached to rope. He’s lucky to be alive after what happened next.

According to the head abbot of the temple, some of the animals there were going hungry because they weren’t being fed enough. The temple has apparently been relying on food donations from the public. When Promratee started lowering the rice, the hungry bear pulled him into its enclosure and began brutally mauling him.

His friends and other witnessed tried scaring the bear off by dumping water on it and hitting it with poles, but the animal wouldn’t stop.

The bear eventually dragged Promratee over to its cage, where somebody ran in and hit it with the pole while his friends rescued him.

Watch the disturbing footage below at your own risk. Fortunately, Promratee survived to tell the tale.

(via Daily Mail)

The man is now recovering after being rushed to the hospital, but this incident is a terrible reminder that there is a price to pay for animal cruelty. I can’t help but feel sorry for the bear, who doesn’t have enough food or anything resembling its natural environment to enjoy. Why the monks keep it there isn’t clear, but it’s definitely not right.