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These 5 Dogs Have Bad Reputations, But Like Most Rumors, You Shouldn’t Listen

These supposedly unadoptable pups will make great companions in real life.

When looking into adding a canine member to your family, you first need to consider whether or not it’s the right thing for you and your loved ones. The second thing you should do is some research on what breeds will be best for your home, as each dog has its own particular characteristics.

But you have to be careful to not be swayed by popular misconceptions and myths.

When people see these five breeds in dog stores or shelters, they might pass over them because of negative things they’ve heard about them…but that’s absurd! There is nothing wrong with these pups, as long as they’re a right match for you!

1. Rottweilers

These dogs might be big and burly, but they’re great companions.

The American Kennel Club describes them as confident guardians, loyal…

And loving.

So don’t believe a bad word about these sweet babies.

2. Doberman pinschers

These guys, like Rottweilers, might look a bit intimidating, but they’re highly trainable and loyal dogs.

They have very high energy, which can be off-putting to some people, but if you can handle the seemingly constant sugar rush…

They’re just a bunch of fearless softies.

3. German shepherds

Yes, these are very common police dogs, which scares some people off…

But that’s only because they are a very smart breed.

They are also confident, courageous, and love children.

4. Dalmatians

These outgoing dogs are known to destroy your things.

But as you would any other dog, you just need to train them properly.

As you can see, they can be very affectionate!

5. Pit bulls

These dogs might have the worst reputation of all, simply because they’ve been used as fighting dogs for such a long time.

But again, those dogs are only vicious because of the way their humans have taught them to be…

And because they are literally fighting for their lives.

When shown affection and love, they will offer you the exact same thing back.

(via Bark Post)

Now you know that you should never listen to rumors without doing your own research or learning from personal experience! Don’t overlook a perfectly lovable pup just because the breed has bad connotations attached to it. In fact, if Chihuahuas were bigger, they might be considered more dangerous because they’re so aggressive.