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40 Embarrassing Childhood Photos That Prove Being A Kid Is Always Mortifying

We all know what happens when the old family photo album comes out. Dear God, it’s awful.

We’ve all known that feeling you get when you bring a new significant other over to meet your parents and before you can put a stop to it, Mom reaches for that photo album full of regrets.

Growing up is all about discovering who you are, and that can sometimes entail donning some interesting styles or developing weird quirks that make you look back now and shake your head. And because parents love to document your journey, there’s photographic evidence.

These 40 images will haunt their subjects forever.

1. Friday night at the mall always looked something like this.

2. That face says it all.

3. I don’t remember my Girl Scout friends getting those badges.

4. I just don’t even want to know what inspired this.

5. I bet you can’t guess his favorite color.

6. I don’t remember this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

7. Match game on point.

8. Remember when bangs were all the rage? Yeah, she doesn’t either.

9. Riff Raff…is that you?

10. I wonder what secrets she’s hiding in her hair.

11. I loved Pokemon too but come on…

12. They say you should dress for the job you want.

13. He was a into vampires long before “Twilight” became a thing.

14. Ugh. Headgear’s the worst.

15. This should be turned into a statue.

16. We all knew that kid who spent a little too much time in Hot Topic.

17. Business in the front, peacock in the back.

18. In his yearbook photo, this stud wanted to let all the ladies know he was single and on the prowl.

19. This caped crusader isn’t even old enough to be out after dark.

20. Helmet head is never a good look. Go to the next page for even more embarrassment.