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Someone Said Something Awful About Her Little Son. Mom’s Response Was Amazing!

When a total stranger called her son repulsive, Dallas Lynn took the high road. What she wrote on Facebook is important for all of us to hear.

There’s something about waiting in line at the store that makes a person’s true colors come out.

You can blame it on someone’s lack of patience, but on multiple occasions, I’ve heard everyday people build up the courage to say absolutely awful things about fellow customers and even employees. And while most people can easily brush off the verbal assaults without a care in the world, the same can not be said when a patron’s ignorance involves children.

Rather than handling one woman’s disturbing opinions toward her child with anger and aggression, Dallas Lynn saw the opportunity to use her interaction as teaching moment.

Lynn and her two-year-old son, Jameus, were waiting in line at their local Walmart when a mother-son hug revealed two stomas hidden underneath the boy’s shirt.

On the outside, Jameus looks like any ordinary toddler, but underneath his clothes, you can see a better picture of the struggle the young boy has endured while dealing with Hirschsprung’s disease.

At just two weeks old, the brave little guy’s colon ruptured, leaving him with no other option for survival than to live the rest of his life using stomas and colostomy bags.