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Father Arrested After Young Son Finds His Way Into A Secret Candy Stash

A father was arrested with child endangerment after his son accidentally ate some THC-infused gummy candy.

As more and more states across the country start rewriting the laws on medical and recreational marijuana use, there’s bound to be some incidents along the way.

As more corner store dispensaries are opened every day, it’s getting easier and easier to find THC-laden products. When medical users begin to experiment with different edibles, there comes the obvious issue of how to keep them away from children.

As one unlucky father found out when his 10-year-old son discovered a secret stash of edibles, the effects on small children can be absolutely awful.

Thirty-seven-year-old Ephraim Zagelbaum was enjoying a day at the park with his son when an unexpected rain storm put a damper on the day.

Once the rain started, Zagelbaum’s son rushed to the car to wait things out.

In the meantime, the little boy quickly discovered a package of FlavRx Pink Lemonade Belts. They look just like candy, but they actually contain THC.

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