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This Doctor Found A Nasty Surprise When She Cut Into An Ingrown Toenail — OMG

This guy was dealing with an annoying ingrown toenail when a doctor found something under it that made everything a million times worse.

Ingrown toenails are already annoying and painful enough, but this guy got a double dose of something even nastier when he went to have his fixed.

When he was getting a strip of his infected nail removed to stop it from digging into his toe, the doctor performing the procedure uncovered living, wriggling creatures that had made themselves at home right under his nail. The fun little critters turned out to be disgusting maggots. Need I say more?

Just hope that this never happens to you. Also, prepare yourselves, because there is going to be a lot of blood.

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The maggots ended up there because flies like to lay their eggs in wounds…like ingrown toenails. As if we didn’t have enough things to worry about, right? Be sure to share this nasty video if you feel like torturing the people in your life.