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They Were Just Headed To The Fridge For A Snack When They Saw This Monstrosity

The snake, which was found in India, was likely trying to cool off by wrapping itself around the metal milk jug in the refrigerator.

I live in a place that gets super duper hot in the summer, and when it’s sweltering, I’ll do almost anything to get cool.

In India, it was recently about 108 degrees and people did their best to deal with it by staying out of the sun and relying on cold drinks in their refrigerators. One girl opened her fridge and got the shock of her life when she figured out what else was in there trying to escape the heat.

At first, everything looks fine. Some bottles, some leftover food, nothing to see here.

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Wait a second. What the hell is that on the top shelf? Head over to the next page for a healthy dose of terror.