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She Kept A Secret From Her Mom, But Her Post-Surgery Car Ride Turned Into A Tell-All

She says she thought her mother would be mad, so she kept it secret. Mom is clearly not happy, but she takes the revelation in stride.

Parents. They’re great! But sometimes, we know they just won’t understand us.

Kids keep things secret from their parents all the time, even when they’re grown up. When it comes down to it, disappointing our parents with our adult decisions can feel even worse than coming up short as a child.

One touchy subject with parents can be tattoos. That’s why one daughter decided to keep her relatively small, tasteful tattoo on her forearm a secret from her mom. But all of that was about to change.

The internet has shown us over and over again that dental work can leave you pretty messed up. Here’s the latest example. Watch as she reveals her secrets below!


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At least mom took the news pretty well! Share this with the parents in your life and let us know in the comments whether or not you’d be as chill as this mom about your kid’s secret tattoo.