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They Were Enjoying A Baseball Game When This Cutie Decided It Wanted To Play

Things got way more interesting at this baseball game when a cat appeared out of nowhere and ran around the field.

I’m not a huge fan of watching baseball, but I’d definitely go to every game if this funny critter was on the team!

On April 13, the Hanshin Tigers were going up against the Yokohama BayStars in a Nippon Professional Baseball game at Yokohama Stadium in Japan when a cat made its way onto the field. The furry visitor totally channeled the pros as it frantically ran around like it was searching for home plate.

Check out that form…

…that hustle…

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…that magnificence!

Seriously, this little player needs to be signed already!

Watch the talented feline fly across the field below.


(via Mashable)

Okay, if this kitty can’t become an actual player, someone really needs to make it their team mascot. Be sure to share this funny video with all the cat (and baseball) lovers in your life!