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Cops Walked In And Saw A Chain On The Door. What Was Behind It Was Devastating.

When things seemed a bit off, this concerned neighbor discovered a couple that had been violently abusing their child.

No matter if you live in the suburbs or a tiny, cramped apartment complex, you’ve probably had your fair share of nosey neighbors.

And if all my years of binge-watching “Desperate Housewives” taught me anything, it’s that where there are secrets and lies, there’s bound to be a neighbor or two to help uncover them.

But while some neighbors come off as being nosey gossips, others are just concerned with the well-being of their neighborhood and those who live there. So as one woman’s growing concern over her neighbor reached its breaking point, she was able to help police uncover a horrifying case of child abuse.

When Michigan native Sue Hopper began to suspect her neighbors had gotten involved with drugs, her concerns with the couple’s three-year-old daughter left her with no other option but to get the police involved.

An increase of traffic to the couple’s house had triggered warning signs for Hopper that perhaps something out of the ordinary was happening in her usually peaceful neighborhood.

Child Protective Services (CPS) checked the reports and quickly discovered that drugs were only half the story.