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18 Easter Cakes That Will Make You Feel Amazing About Your Own Holiday Spread

These cake fails feature bunnies, chicks, and eggs that don’t look anything like their decorators intended when they set out to make an Easter treat.

Easter is a joyful time when families come together to celebrate new beginnings.

For the religious and non-religious alike, getting together with friends and family over a delicious meal can be a great bonding experience. But don’t forget about the dessert! A cake can be the perfect thing to round out your meal…or, you know, it can be a horrific, monstrous mess. Check out these hilarious cake fails that don’t exactly bring the warm-and-fuzzies to this otherwise cute holiday.

1. Is that a radioactive…mouse? I’m guessing?

2. Your kids will never forget the easter they had a Donnie Darko rabbit cake.

3. Someone decided to reuse the extra Frosty the Snowman noses from Christmas.

4. This bunny is rabid and you should keep it away from children.

5. Easter is about the Lamb of God, not the Lamb of Satan.

6. Where are its ears?

7. On the one hand, you have horrifying plastic overlays. On the other, you have a blob of nothingness.

8. This chick will definitely suck your soul out.

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9. Nope, sorry. Try again!

10. This yellow-riffic fail is hard on the eyes, and that’s not even a comment on the shape.

11. This is more sunny side up egg smashed on the ground than adorable chick.

12. I think they misspelled “Hail Satan.”

13. It’s like a deranged Furby.

14. Bring this to the next hippie church gathering. It’s sure to be a hit!

15. When you try to repurpose that classic Christmas tree formation for a cute egg cake and it goes horribly wrong…

16. Maybe someone should decide that cupcake cakes aren’t cute.

17. Ah, yes, the old upside-down heart trick. You’re not fooling me! I know that’s been sitting around since Valentine’s Day.

18. All things considered, this isn’t even that bad. Eat up!

I can’t even pick a favorite. What fail do you love most? Let us know in the comments below and share with your friends and family to celebrate the holiday! Happy Easter, everyone!