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He Wanted To Take His Grandma To Prom But The School Said No For A Stupid Reason

An Alabama teen asked his grandma to prom, only to have her turned away because of her age.

Prom season is in full swing as high schoolers all across the country plan out their epic promposals and anticipate making memories that will last forever.

But as most teens prepared to ask their significant others and high school crushes to prom, Bryce Maine, a senior at Alabama’s Eufaula High School, had his sights set on asking a different kind of senior to prom; his own grandmother! Maine’s granny had never gone to her own high school prom, so he wanted to honor the most important woman in his life by giving her the full prom experience.

Maine planned a simple promposal with supplies he purchased at a local Walmart. And to no one’s surprise, his granny said yes.

Overjoyed with her very first prom, Maine’s grandmother quickly went out and bought the perfect dress for the occasion.

However, Maine’s prom plans were quickly cut short after school officials denied his request to bring his granny as his date, citing that she could possibly provide minors with alcohol and that the school simply couldn’t bend the rules for him or his grandmother.

According to the high school’s policy, no one over the age of 20 can be admitted to the dance.

Frustrated with the school’s decision, Maine has no intentions of going to prom without his precious loved one. Instead he hopes to throw his very own prom at his home so that his favorite lady can finally show off her dance moves!

Maine’s cousin vented her frustrations about the school’s decision on social media. You can read her full post below.

For more info about Maine’s battle against school officials, check this out.


(via Inside Edition)

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I’m still dumbfounded about the school actually thinking a grandmother would try smuggling booze into a high school prom. Share this story if you think Maine should be allowed to bring his dolled-up grandma to the dance!