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​The Hilarious Text This Dad Sent Threw One Mother Into A Total Panic​ — Too Funny!

Bobby Wesson had been planning the perfect prank to pull on his overworked wife on April Fool’s Day. It worked.

Bobby Wesson and his wife, Rayena, are pretty much the definition of #relationshipgoals.

They’re the type of people who love to laugh and have a good time with one another, and it shows. But every once and a while, Bobby goes to extremes for the sake of a good laugh. What better way to freak out his wife on April Fool’s Day than to try and convince her that while watching their young son, there had been a small accident with some hair clippers.

Unfortunately, the stressed-out trauma nurse wasn’t laughing and was ready to kill her husband until he finally let her in on the joke.

Anything that starts with a “heeeey” that long can’t be promising. Check out the hilarious exchange below!

This follow-up video was totally necessary. Damn, Bobby!

(via Scary Mommy)

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Now I’m a sucker for a good prank, but I don’t think I could ever commit to something like this. Share this epic prank with all your mischievous friends so they can get a head start on next April Fool’s Day!