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Get Your Tissues Out, Disney Lovers — It’s A Real-Life Fox And Hound Friendship

Torgeir Berge owns Tinni and documents their adventures, hoping to end the common practice of killing foxes for fur.

When I was young, my most-used VHS tape was “The Fox and the Hound.”

I don’t know what it was about the tear-jerking story that kept me coming back for more, but I really loved watching two natural enemies getting along despite the odds. Even though they go through some rough patches, the important thing is that they remember their friendship in the end.

What I didn’t ever think I’d see was an actual fox and hound getting along, but every once in awhile, life reveals something magical. Check out the story of Tinni and Sniffer below.

Tinni the dog and Sniffer the fox live in Norway where they romp and play all day long. Tinni’s human Torgeir Berge takes pictures of the pair, who clearly think they’re the same species.

Sniffer is a wild fox, but he lives close by his canine friend and comes out to play and snuggle.

Seeing their friendship has caused Berge speak out against fur farms that keep foxes like Sniffer locked up in cages for their pelts.

These two explore the woods together year-round and are basically too cute to handle.

There’s even a children’s song about their antics, featured in this video, which shows the two besties frolicking together.


Youtube / Berit Helberg

(via The Dodo)

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Those are some serious friendship goals. Sometimes those Disney dreams can come true! Share their heartwarming story with the animal lovers in your life.