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This Amazing Woman Saved A Puppy’s Life. Now She Needs Our Help!

Marie-Eve Lauzier saved a pup from horrible neglect. To get her home to Canada, she needs all the help she can get!

By Steven Berube – Community Member

Marie-Eve Lauzier had no idea what was waiting her when she found this dying little puppy a couple months ago. It all started at a farm in Wollongong, Australia. What she found was the smallest, skinniest of all the puppies lying on the ground. It had worms, a small appetite, and it was scared of humans because it was probably beaten.

Marie-Eve took care the the dog and soon enough it was following her everywhere and she was the only person she trusted. Samsara was only two months old at that time. Marie-Eve fed her, gave her love, treated the worms, got her fixed, and made sure she learned how to socialize with humans and other dogs. Australia has been good, beautiful, and very generous to them.

Unfortunately, it’s time for the heroic woman to go back home to Canada.

In order to bring a pet overseas from Australia, you absolutely need an organization that will do the work with you. Marie-Eve contacted Jetpets, one of the most trustworthy groups for importing and exporting pets internationally. After getting a quote for the travel, she got a disheartening surprise.

In order for Marie-Eve and Samsara to travel back to Canada and stay together, they need to save up $4,000.

As soon as she learned that, she started to look for work and found a tree-planting job. She is working really hard to get both of them back home in time and she would appreciate any help. She wants to give Samsara the best life she can have in Canada. Her family and friends are all very excited to meet with her and already gave financial support but that is not enough.

Fortunately, we can all help to ensure that these best friends stay together forever!

If you’d like to donate to Marie-Eve and Samsara, please visit their GoFundMe page. Even the smallest amount will help her reach her goal of getting Samsara to have a beautiful life full of love.

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