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Hilarious Dude Turns His Roommate’s Filthy Mess Into Their Own Art Exhibition

This guy knew that telling his roommate to clean up after himself wouldn’t work, so he turned the messes into hilarious works of art.

While I know that good roommates do exist somewhere out there, trying to find them can feel like looking for a unicorn.

It seems that more often than not, the ones we get stuck with don’t have any understanding of roommate etiquette or what it means to clean up after themselves, and trying to correct their filthy ways is a waste of time because they clearly don’t care.

Comedian Justin Cousson got fed up with coming across his roommate’s messes on a daily basis, but instead of fighting against the chaos and getting mad, he decided to create hilariously passive-aggressive pieces of art out of the pigsty. If you have bad roommates, you might want to try this for yourself…

A bargain for such an elegant work of art!


“Sour Cream-Covered Spoon Left In Sink Before Leaving Town For Four Days”

“Knife Left Out On Counter In Striking Distance Of Knife Block, Having Been Only Used To Remove Seal Of Ice Cream Carton, Which Was Also Left On Counter, Leaving Quite The Sight As The Last Thing I Saw Before I Gratefully Left Town For Two Weeks”

“Boxes Left On Couch Because What Even Is Breaking Them Down And Recycling Or Even Leaving Them Not On The Couch”

“Monument To A Vanquished Paper Towel Roll Or New Rolls Are (Down) But Bending Down Is Hard”

“Clothes Left In Dryer Overnight, Then Another Night, Then…”

“Choose Your Weapon” Or “Midnight Snack”

“Shoes On Shoe Rack (Nearly)”

(via BoredPanda)

Who else is wishing they had done this to their previous roommates? Be sure to share this hilarious exhibit with your friends who know all too well how terrible it is to live with slobs.